Monday, May 14, 2007

Sweater Mania!

So I have x number of projects in the works now, but I am still looking at what I want to do in the future...*sigh*

Bad Penny

I have wanted to make both Tubey and Tempting since I first saw them on quite like the style of Bad Penny, though I think I would have to change the colors (orange?)...I am not familiar with the yarn used for Belle Epoque, but from the picture it looks a little heavy for the design to me...I see it in a softer and more flowing lighter weight yarn, and a little less fuzzy...But that would probably require math or something to refigure the gauge, wouldn't it? *cringes*

Of course I had to go through all the archives, and managed to whittle down my choices to these 5, which would probably keep me knitting for the next couple of years! Hopefully I'll get at least one done by next winter so that I can flaunt my Mad Knitting Skillz...

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