Thursday, May 17, 2007


So Tuesday last, I worked frantically on the baby blanket, lunchtime, and late night as well...I made enough progress to think that I might just make it in time for N's baby shower...Then I got an email Wednesday morning at work that the chick who was organizing the do had decided (on a whim?) that the baby shower was now going to be on Thursday morning...No way I could finish by then, so I brought what I had in to show N that I did actually have something for her, and since I had confirmed the week before that her last day isn't until the beginning of June, I have plenty of time to make it all purty for her...Of course when I got home I had a fit of pique at the Organizer Chick for changing the party at the last minute and didn't touch the thing again until tonight...*grin* But N seems to like the Blankie, so I'm happy about that...

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