Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Casey said:

cyberfiber1011@hotmail.com is at #5047
on the list - there are about 1435

people ahead of you so it could take as long
as 10 days to get your


see you soon!

That was 12 days ago...I have tried everything I can think
of to make my invitation come faster...I have refreshed
my email inbox eleventy-two times...I have gone to
the Ravelry homepage and stared at it for extended
periods, willing the server to send me my
invite...I have looked at the screenshots on
the website, and been given a Grand Tour by the
wondrous Sleepycat...I have whined on the Lime & Violet
message boards about how my invitation hasn't arrived
yet and drooled on the posts from those lucky
enough to have one...I have photographed and
organized(most of) my stash on Flickr even...


I'm off now, to do a Google search on patience...

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