Monday, July 9, 2007

Auf Bitten von die Strickerinbesucher

Online dictionaries are great, aren't they? *grin*

Oh wait...Or should it be Strickerbesucherin? Ack! There's a reason I stopped studying German...It's freaking hard!!! *enormous grin*

Anyway, here's the Noob Dyeing...

You can really see a gap in the color where I tied the skeins so they wouldn't tangle...It's not pretty, but it made me think of a possible future dyeing project--I could kind of 'tie dye' skeins...For example, starting with a white skein, and a couple of ties, and dye it light blue, then tie it a couple more times, and dye it medium blue, and then some more ties and a dark blue...???

The orange turned, really orange...I was figuring that since it was wool, I could use these experiments for Dulaan hats or something...But I don't think I will inflict that orange on a poor defenceless Mongolian baby! All his little friends would make fun of him, and keep making deerhunting jokes behind his back...

The handpainted stuff I did ended up a disaster...*scowl* The primary colors one basically rinsed out (I don't think I microwaved it long enough), and the other one faded quite a bit, except for the red, which went to a hot pink...Ergh...I may try and overdye them, and play with the Kool Aid a bit more...

Still gonna buy a handpainting dye kit though...Anyone need some Noobish sock yarn?


Anonymous said...

The dyeing is not that bad, I think everything needs practice :)

And it has to be "Auf Bitten der strickenden Besucher" :)
I know, learning another language is hard, I failed with frensh and my english could be better ;)

The Illustrious Ms E said...

Isn't that what I said? *huge grin*

But French? I can do French!! There are no horrible cases in French like in German...That's what always got me...Der, die, das, dem, den, oh gods!!!

Anyway, I will definitely be practicing more with the dyeing thing...If you haven't tried it yet, I would really recommend it!!