Monday, June 25, 2007

Now I've Seen Everything...No, Seriously...

It's like the guys and the women from our circle of friends morphed into a LiveJournal community...

Here's a sample post...I love it...

notes from the World of Worsted campaign

Of course, every farmer can roll a critical hit. Considering that fucking up an aran afghan in undyed 100% wool is quite a trick, I can definitely see this one being played out.

"Lion Brand, your move."
"OK, I pull out my Fisherman's Wool as a free action and cast aran afghan. And I think I get some bonuses for that."
"Give us a minute." *furious ruffling through large hardback book entitled World of Worsted Campaign Setting* "Right, so you're at +8 because it's not a fitted garment, then you've got a +2 bonus for natural fibre and another +2 bonus for neutral colour and another +2 bonus for neutral texture, but then there's a -3 scratchy penalty..."
"No there isn't! It's not a wearable!"
"OK, -2 scratchy penalty because afghans do go next to the skin sometimes. Did I add the cable bonus on? Oh yes, that's another +1. Right, you're at +13. Off you go."
*dice are rolled*

If Oz ever writes a World of Worsted Campaign, I am so in...*huge grin*

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sleepycat said...

-3 penalty for not swatching (would be -5 but it's not a garment) She didn't declare crochet or knit. Crochet would give a +3 speed bonus but a -2 weird looking cables penalty. Knit would have a speed penalty if she tries to pair bamboo/birch needles with Fishermen's Wool but would have a +1 bonus for speed if she uses the "Cable without a Cable Needle" feat. ;-)