Saturday, March 3, 2007


So...I've been on a quest to reduce the stash for some time now...Several scarves and 2 and a half (crocheted) scrap blankets later, I am starting to lose patience...*grin* Then I happened upon this...Since I have the attention span of a goldfish, anything new is wondrous to me...Oh, Magic Ball, how I love thee!!

We'll see how it goes...I plan on doing it as an afghan in 3 or 4 strips, a little 4k 2p rib to keep it from curling...The finished product could very well rival The Ugliest Scrapghan Ever from my February 16th post, but the mission will still be accomplished, since the stash will be reduced, and the Humane Society will be in possession of a brand new handmade doggie blanket...Dogs are color-blind, you see...*grin*

The rest will be going to SCRAP Because I can't take it anymore!!! *bleargh!*

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